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Women’s Health & Fertility Naturopath Gold Coast

Sage Naturopathics is a unique women’s health and fertility naturopathy clinic, located in the popular Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. 

Providing natural fertility, IVF support, and hormonal imbalance education, advice and natural health solutions.

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Women's Hormones

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Fertility Naturopath

Your fast track to optimal fertility

A 4 week course that gives you real science-backed solutions to improve fertility naturally.

Meet Your Naturopath

Caroline is a degree-qualified naturopath with an extensive background in fertility nursing and women’s health issues, PCOS and Endo.  She has worked in top IVF clinics both here and overseas for more than 15 years. 


Caroline has a deeply personal understanding of fertility challenges.  She can draw on both her general nursing experience and naturopath experience to offer a uniquely skilled holistic and empathic approach.

Caroline Anderson Naturopath

I want help with my fertility

If you are seeking support in how to get pregnant, or are already undergoing IVF on the Gold Coast, an appointment at Sage Naturopathics will help guide you to optimise your health and work towards your goal of a healthy ongoing pregnancy.

Caroline is a highly experienced practitioner, working with both male and female fertility issues, providing you with the resources you need to optimise your fertility health

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I want help with my hormones

  • Are you looking for more energy, pain free lighter periods, and to not feel like a crazy hormonal woman each month?


An appointment with Caroline at Sage Naturopath will seek to uncover the source & root cause of your imbalances & support you back to vitality & health

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I want general naturopathic support

(thyroid, gut health, autoimmunity)

Have you ever had your health issues fobbed off, or told everything looks normal so you’re “fine” but you just don’t feel fine? This is an opportunity to be finally truly heard.  

At Sage, we pride ourselves on spending the time to explore your story, get to know you, and work to uncover your reason for how you got here today.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach, you receive individualised and personalised treatment plans.

general naturopathic support

Recent Reviews

In only two consultation with Caroline I could feel difference on my recurrent urine infection and I’m so happy for it.
Stephanie Lisboa
Stephanie Lisboa
We're so grateful to have Caroline as part of our healthcare team on a long and challenging fertility journey. Caroline is incredibly knowledgeable, thoroughly investigates and tailors prescriptions to the individual.
Daniel and Christy Wright
Daniel and Christy Wright
I am so grateful for Caronline's guidance in navigating my hormones and fertility. I always learn so much in our appointments.
Ella Barrett
Ella Barrett
Caroline is a wealth of knowledge and so incredibly thorough! I started seeing Caroline for my pre-conception health journey and am now pregnant with twins and feel so supported and in very safe hands. Thank you!
Mirinda Fleur
Mirinda Fleur
I learnt so much in that one session about endometriosis than I did from any gynae.
Hannah McParland
Hannah McParland
I have been seeing Caroline for nearly 6 months now, i was highly recommended to her via a friend. From the beginning i have been hugely impressed! Caroline has a ridiculous amount of knowledge on everything in the field and knows exactly how to look after her clients. She is so thorough and doesn't just brush things off if the answer isn't obvious. I went in with a few different issues and we have been ticking each one off. Not once have i felt like Caroline has had an ulterior motive like other naturopaths i have seen in the past, like trying to sell me loads of isagenix! She tackles things from all angles, not just prescribing vitamins, but life style changes also. I have been so happy with the service and support Caroline offers, i would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone! I have felt so much better after seeing her! Thank you for everything you have done for me!!!
T. Lee
T. Lee
Caroline was amazing and so caring. Her level of care went above and beyond any experience I have ever had with a Naturopath. I was really low in energy and with her guidance and direction I feel like I am well and truly back on track. But, it wasn't just the vitamins and supplements, it was Caroline's holistic approach that deepened the experience and gave me a new understanding and fresh look on my health and wellbeing. I can't thank her enough.
Nikki Jansen
Nikki Jansen
Caroline has been amazing with our journey in fertility. She is passionate about her job and does everything that she can to help us. I truly believe that with her help, we have been able to start our family.
Tanya Warr
Tanya Warr
Caroline has helped me keep my body at optimum health throughout my pregnancy. Thanks to her great knowledge and advice I have had a beautiful pregnancy.
Sakurako Kusakabe
Sakurako Kusakabe
I’ve had the most pleasant experience with Caroline. She’s thorough, compassionate and committed to her clients journeys and goals. Her holistic approach to treatment really aligned with us. We were fortunate enough to have conceived within 2 months of seeing Caroline after months with no success, and we continue to have her support us throughout the pregnancy. No doubt we will have her alongside us in the postpartum journey too, as well as into the future as our families own Naturopath.
Terii Forde
Terii Forde


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