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You Are Not Just A Number

Have you ever felt frustrated? That feeling of “being a woman shouldn’t be so hard”? Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be!  

At Sage Naturopathics, in the comfort and privacy of my Burleigh Heads clinic, your hormonal issues will be handled with compassion, understanding, and empathy. 

I have a particular clinical interest in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis & Adenomyosis, Fibroid, and HPV. 

With over 20 years of working in the women’s health sector, I can provide extensive female hormone knowledge and together we can work towards you achieving healthier balanced menstrual cycles. 

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Let me assist you through your journey of better health

Women’s Hormones Naturopath

I have always substantial experience in to supporting women through these hormonal imbalances or defining phases of life

  • irregular or absent periods
  • irritability, moodiness or PMS
  • painful or heavy periods
  • perimenopause & menopause
  • weight gain
  • fatigue 
  • acne


Hormonal changes are inevitable.  Hormones act different in you as a young girl getting a period, to that in your fertile menstruating years. Again, different again in perimenopause and leading into menopause. 

Hormones are chemical messengers in our body that regulate our periods, ovulation and menstrual symptoms.  They affect energy, mood, sleep, hunger and weight. When these are imbalanced, we feel out of balance.

How often are we told period problems are the normal pitfall of being a woman?

And even though society can normalise it, 

~ it is not normal to have extremely heavy periods that you’re soaking through clothes. 

~ it’s not normal to suffer with such immense pain each month that you’re taking time off work, or away from what you’d love to be doing.   

~ it’s not normal to have such irregular cycles that you have no idea when your period will come, or if you are ovulating or not. 

A consultation at Sage Naturopathics will help to uncover all the areas of your life that can influence hormonal balance, to help you stabilise feelings of health and wellbeing.

What do I gain from a women’s health naturopathic consultation?

Optimising your health and which in turn helps support healthier periods


  • Empowerment through education and tuning in to your own body’s menstrual cycles
  • Individualised naturopathic prescriptions on the nutrients and/or naturopathic herbs required to support healthy menstruation
  • Realistic and practical lifestyle advice for you to implement in daily life
  • Nutritional formulated plans for optimising healthier periods

“My self-care promise is love the work in progress that is me !”

It is possible to be not ruled by your hormones or your cycle.  And feel more energetic, more balanced, and like ‘the old you again’. 

As I am a naturopath specialising in hormones, there is the added benefit of my fertility knowledge. Therefore, if you have future fertility goals in mind, not only am I working to improve your women’s health symptoms and quality of life today but I am a naturopath for fertility working to optimise your health for a future pregnancy.

It would be my pleasure to assist you through your journey of better health overall as a woman and assist with naturopathic journey in fertility.

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