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A fertility consultation is for those who wish to start their family or having fertility difficulties. Your consultation will be adapted according to your individual fertility needs. 

If you are in the early stages of trying to conceive, a lot of focus is spent on education, so you truly understand your body and the signs it gives. Education is given to help you understand your menstrual cycle, and the correct timing of intercourse. Your nutritional intake and lifestyle practices are assessed to ensure there are no obstacles to a healthy pregnancy.  

You no longer need to feel powerless and that everything seems out of your control. 

If you’ve been trying for some time yet it’s still not happening, investigations may be suggested to explore further why you haven’t conceived, to see if there is anything that may hinder the creation of healthy eggs and healthy sperm.

fertility naturopath gold coast

Let me assist you through your journey of better health

What do I gain from a natural fertility naturopath consultation?

    • Optimising your fertility health through preconception advice and education
    • Empowerment to understand your own natural fertility
    • Recommendations & prescriptions on the correct nutrients & naturopathic herbs for your individual fertility situation
    • Practical and realistic advice to implement in daily life
    • Specific nutritional advice for optimising fertility health
    • Reassurance that your individualised naturopathic treatment plan will be compatible with IVF and all fertility treatments 

Can I do IVF and naturopathy for infertility together?

Absolutely!  This needs to be individually tailored to your needs, and your reason for requiring IVF. I will always only work within what you and your IVF specialist are comfortable with. We may need to focus on giving particular nutrients that support egg quality or sperm health or focus more on the lining of the uterus and maintaining a pregnancy.  

It is common for people to have diagnosed health conditions, such as endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). The treatment plan is always individualised after a consultation.

Ideally, couples are working to improve their health in the weeks and months prior to IVF, as well as during the treatment cycles, as this can have a positive impact.

What if I’m experiencing pregnancy loss?

Early pregnancy loss, or miscarriage, can be a devastating experience. I view myself as a detective, spending the time working with you trying to explore all reasons why this may be occurring and support naturopathically.  I work with couples to optimise their health to ensure healthy eggs and sperm are available to create a healthy embryo.

What to expect from an initial naturopathic fertility consultation?

Initial consultations are in-depth, finding out your story, and exploring what I feel may be contributing to the situation.  I ask a lot of questions! 

If you have a partner, you may wish to choose the ‘Couple’ consultation option, to work on the preconception health of both the woman and man.  Alternatively, I can work with just one partner.

It would be my pleasure to assist you through your journey of better health overall as a woman and assist with naturopathic journey in fertility.

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