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Naturopathic care is a holistic approach to healthcare, and people can seek support for an array of health conditions and concerns. Often, people have tried the medical route, and it hasn’t given them the resolution they are seeking.  They know they don’t feel right but are often being told everything appears ‘normal’.

Often these symptoms are very generalised, such as 

  • fatigue 
  • weight gain
  • muscle aches
  • brain fog
  • constipation or changeable bowel habits
  • low mood or anxiousness


And people don’t have answers to why they feel this way.

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Why Choose Sage Naturopathics for Your General Health Needs

At Sage Naturopathics, I have a very integrative naturopathic approach and I draw on my 20+ years in the health service industry, to work with conditions of thyroid, adrenal, immunity, or gut health concerns.  

Additionally, I happily and confidently work alongside GP’s and other medical practitioners to help you on the journey to health. You don’t have to choose one health direction or the other, sometimes it takes a team approach.

For a premium naturopathic experience on the Gold Coast, I believe spending the time to understand what you are experiencing & how it is impacting your life is critical.  I work in systems, and how one system may be influencing another, such as your gut health impacting your immunity.

Naturopathic care is always striving to uncover and address the root cause.

Sometimes, additional testing is recommended to ensure no stone is left unturned, and we look to all possible causes of your health concern. 

To complete the consultation, an individualised and tailored naturopathic treatment plan is formulated for you.  A key philosophy of naturopathic care is about education, so your health situation is discussed and explained to you from a naturopathic perspective.  If you can understand your own body and health, you are much more likely to make lasting lifelong changes to support long-term health.  

Where appropriate, you’re recommended & dispensed with top-quality practitioner-only products (as required) and ample guidance and support to help you achieve your health goals.

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It would be my pleasure to support you back towards vitality and health!

It would be my pleasure to assist you through your journey of better health overall as a woman and assist with naturopathic journey in fertility.

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